Associated American Artists

Associated American Artists is an art gallery and business established in 1934 in New York City. The gallery marketed art to the middle classes, first in the form of affordable prints and later in home furnishings and accessories, and played a significant role in the growth of art as an industry. The prints were sold as "art for the people" rather than "art for the wealthy." They were also marketed directly to the public via mail-order in magazines such as Time magazine and Reader's Digest.

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Emilio Amero
10½" x 12¼"



C. W. Anderson
Rodeo Sketches
14¼" x 8½"


Alexander Brook
Willie Mae
9½" x 11"


Luis Arenal
Mujer De Taxco
11" x 8½"

George A. Bradshaw
Twilight After Snow
10¾" x 5¾"

James Chapin
Child at Window
8¾" x 13"


Charles Cobelle
Tip of Manhattan
14" x 10"


Asa Cheffetz
Winter in Southhampton
10" x 4½"



John Costigan
Workers of the Soil
13" x 8¼"

Alexander Dobkin
10½" x 14"


Adolf Dehn
Minnesota Farmyard
13¼" x 8¾"

Isaac Soyer
The Enchanted One
9¼" x 11¼"


Georges Schreiber
Circular Motion
13¾" x 10½"


William Gropper
Joe Magarac
8¾" x 3½"



Luigi Lucioni
Silhouette of Barns
5½" x 3½"

Georges Schreiber
Mare and Colt
13¾" x 9½"



Adolf Dehn
Key West Beach
13¼" x 8¾"

Joseph Margulies
Scribe Meditating
7¼" x 9¾"


Francisco Dosamantes
Mayan Landscape
13¾" x 10½"

Frederic Taubes
7¾" x 10"

Raphael Soyer
Casting Office
12¾" x 9¾"

Mina Pulsifer
8" x 8"


Thomas W. Nason
8¾" x 8½"

Fletcher Martin
Arab Children
11½" x 8"

Umberto Romano
Two Men, Two Horses
13¾" x 9"

Harry Sternberg
11¾" x 14¾"

S.L. Margolies
Veterans of the Storms
2½" x 2½"

10" x 8½"

Ruffino Mauyoite
Harvesting Wheat
13¾" x 9"

Farm Scene
11¾" x 8¼"

Sam Thal
The Launching
12" x 8¾"