February 1, 2017
25th Anniversary of the Outsider Art Fair (2017)

Gilley’s Gallery is proud to be one of nine active galleries that have continuously showed at the Outsider Art Fair (OAF) since its humble beginnings 25 years ago. Since its inception in 1993, the Outsider Art Fair has attracted crowds yearning to discover unique works of art seemingly untouched by “conventions of classical or fashionable art” (Outsider Art Fair). What started as a small showing of a dozen galleries has transformed to show over sixty galleries! Throughout the years showing at the OAF, Gilley’s has seen much change in the acceptance and stylistic attitude towards “outsider” art. Due to the outreach of galleries like ourselves and the OAF, more and more people have come to appreciate the power of this artwork in its ability to transform lives and profoundly express human emotions and behaviors. We were honored by OAF directer Andrew Edlin this year at a special ceremony with the nine other galleries. We cannot wait to continue this legacy next year for the 2018 show!

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