John James Audubon

Roseate Spoonbill_ John James Audubon_ The Birds of America_ Amsterdam_ print_ lithograph_ folio_ fine art - John James Audubon

Roseate Spoonbill Plate CCCXXI, 1831

Engraving with Aquatint  
27 x 37 in

Leipzig Edition


In the 1970s, forty full-size images in an edition of one thousand were produced in Leipzig, Germany using somewhat antiquated techniques. The collotype process is known in the trade as Leipzig Edtion. This is a limited edition and is double elephant-sized. Under magnification, these early Leipzig prints reveal no geometric pattern of dots. They are still being published generally with the name "Ariel Press" in the margin. These prints have no watermark and have false plate marks. You can find more information on the various Audubon editions here.


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