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Jimmy Lee Sudduth

Jimmy Lee Sudduth draws on scrap plywood, using pencil, charcoal, or bits of gravel he finds in the street in front of his house. Then he dips his finger in a bucket of his special mud mixture, which he rubs onto his pictures to give them color and texture.

He taught himself the technique as a small boy, not long after he drew his first picture on a tree. He began coating his drawings with syrup, which preserved them better than shellac. Later, when he didn't have enough syrup, he began mixing sugar water in with his mud, which worked almost as well as the syrup.
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Mixed Media (4-works)

Jimmy Lee Sudduth Indian Wrestler_ Jimmy Lee Sudduth_ painting_ wood
Indian Wrestler
24 x 48 in
Jimmy Lee Sudduth Bird_ Jimmy Lee Sudduth_ painting_ wood
48 x 24 in
Jimmy Lee Sudduth Cabin with Man and Rooster
Cabin with Man and Rooster
24.5 x 21 in
Jimmy Lee Sudduth Large Cabin
Large Cabin
40 x 42.5 in




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