Frank Hayden

Sculpture (2-works)

Frank  Hayden Faces
25 x 5 x 24 in

Frank  Hayden

Frank Hayden

Frank Hayden Biography

Frank Hayden, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, is a world renowned artist known particularly for his abstract sculptures. Hayden completed his undergraduate work at Xavier University in New Orleans and furthered his education at Notre Dame, where he studied with famed sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Furthermore, Hayden was a recipient of a Fullbright Scholarship.

In 1961, Hayden moved to Baton Rouge where he became at professor at Southern University until his death in 1988. In 1986, he was named Southern University's first Distinguished Professor.

In writing about his art, Hayden once said that, "My art does not recognize a hierarchy of ideas and materials. It simply saturates existence into a significant form. That form has been achieved through long and difficult reflection or drawn from the possibilities and concerns of the moment. In either case, the prospect of beauty is constant and is all that is needed to guide by hand and heart."

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